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My Outside the Mouse Tale for October 13, 2010

Sea World’s Halloween Spooktacular Report

This past Saturday the 9th of October I took a trip with some family out to Sea World for the Halloween Spooktacular yearly event. This is the only Halloween event in Orlando that is not hard ticketed and is included in your daily admission. If you have small children and would also enjoy a day at Sea World this is probably a definite trip if you are here on the limited days of the event.

The only negative thing I have to say about this event is that because of the ticket price and the huge discounting that these parks participate in throughout the year it is extremely crowded and there will be many lines for candy.

Below are photos of the different candy pickup locations.

(The container below was full of M&M’s so you will actually get some quality candy)


(The event has many sponsors including peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter....)


The Spooktacular does also feature many Halloween under the sea characters. Some of the costumes are pretty creative including people on roller skates. Below are a few photos of these.

(My nieces and nephew...another picture mom!!)


(There are many bubbles at the event!)


Since the former Busch parks now have expanded out the Sesame Street brand too many of the parks this event features a Sesame Street themed Halloween Maze. This is called the Abby Cadabby’s Halloween Adventure.

(What is a maze without a gift shop?)


Sea World also has set up face painting and other carnival style games for prizes throughout. You can see photos of these below.

In front of the Wild Arctic attraction there is a DJ and characters dancing with the children and the kids really loved this.

This brings me to the yearly tradition of pumpkin cookie decorating. This is not free but at a reasonable $5.50 you can get a souvenir Lunchbox along with a huge cookie with icing and plenty of topping to decorate with along with a drink. My nephew definitely shares my taste buds because the past two years once the cookie is decorated it is given to someone else to eat... These cookies are made for decorating not to be delicious, I guess...

(My niece will eat anything with sugar!)


So overall this is a great event for the kids especially since it is free with your daily admission or season pass. There is also a Sesame Street Countdown to Halloween Musical Stage Show. While we did not make it to this I am sure the little ones will enjoy it. So if you are in town and can fit this into your schedule not a bad event for the kids and I am sure you can sneak a ride on Orlando’s most intense coaster the Manta...

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