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Kona Cafe Review

This week WDW Mouse Tales visits the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort of Walt Disney World. The official Disney web site describes this restaurant as a bit of Asian zest into traditional American breakfast, lunch and dinner fare.


The Kona Cafe is a wide open restaurant on the second floor of the main hall. The Polynesian Resort has a beautiful tropical theme with plants and waterfalls and overall extremely relaxing. The restaurant itself is very open and the tables are close together so expect to hear your neighbours conversations. The lighting is soft and natural and the walls are covered in Hawaiian masks and wood art.


So my wife and I decided to go with the Sticky Wings for Two that the menu describes as Glazed Chicken Wings with tangy Mustard Drizzle and Toasted Sesame Seeds priced at $12.99. This was actually my favorite part of the meal. They were cooked just right and had a sweet taste that was offset by the tangy mustard. I also want to point out that this plate had 13 fairly large wings, which is more then enough and felt very generous. My wife on the other hand is not a huge fan of sweet meals and I was quickly informed that she enjoys buffalo wing much better. Too each there own I guess.


Both my wife and I decided to try the Polynesian Plate Lunch which the menu describes as a Traditional Hawaiian Favorite that was served with Sticky Rice and Macaroni Salad and both priced at $14.99.

I will start this with my lunch that was definitely the better of the two. I had the Grilled Teriyaki Steak with Grilled Pineapple Salsa. This was your basic skirt steak grilled and covered in a Teriyaki Sauce but I really love sweet flavors so this was definitely for me. I prefer rice mixed with beans or some other flavor so I was not crazy about the plain white rice and the Macaroni Salad was very bland and must have had some chili peppers mixed it because it had a little bit of a kick to it. Overall a passable entree.

The menu described my wife’s entree as Pan-fried Chicken with Coconut and Mango Sauces. What was really served was a breaded chicken breast a little bigger than my palm. What she was expecting was pieces of chicken not a tiny piece of breast and at $15.00 I have to agree with her. Needless to say she was highly disappointed when the meal arrived. Also this chicken was very sweet and my wife did not care for the meal at all. Would dessert turn this meal around for her at all? Read on..

“Big Plate....not much food”


Dessert was without a doubt the best part of the meal for my wife. We ordered the Chocolate Fondue with Tropical Fruit and House-Made Cookies priced at $6.99. This was a great dessert that my wife and I both enjoyed. The chocolate was thick and had just the right flavor of sweet. It came with 3 strawberries, 2 pineapple wedges, 2 slices of kiwi, 2 cookies and a melted sugar wafer with Macadamia Nuts. While the fruit was ripe and the cookies were very delicious this was a very small dessert.

Final Thoughts

I do not want to sound completely negative about this restaurant because my entree and the delicious sticky wings appetizer were pretty good. However when you take into account that next door at ‘Ohana you can pay maybe an additional $5.00 per person and receive all you can eat of a wide selection of delicious meats, appetizers and desserts, Kona Cafe just does not measure up. But if you are staying on site and need a quick breakfast or lunch and would like a table service meal then you could do worse I think then the Kona Cafe.

Have you eaten at Kona Cafe? How did you like it?

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