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My Mouse Tale for September 6, 2010

This week WDW Mouse Tales visited Magic Kingdom, and Halloween was really in the air. Main Street, USA was full of decorations and starting out this weeks photos we will take a tour.

If you take a look at the pumpkins below they are cut to shapes corresponding to the building. Really cool!

The pumpkins below were on the ice cream shop.

(Even the lamps were in the spooky spirit)


The last set of Halloween pictures I have for you showcase the new bronze statues that are in front of Cinderella’s Castle. I do not remember these from last year and they look amazing.

That is it for the Halloween decorations on Main Street, USA. Make sure you have us book marked because at the end of the month WDW Mouse Tales will be at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party and will be capturing the whole event in both picture and 1080p High Definition Video.

With Main Street out of the way we headed over to Fantasyland. Looks like some real progress is being made and certain areas have been smoothed out. My guess is concrete will be pouring soon.

While at Winnie the Pooh work seems to be coming along and looks like they are extending the building itself out where the construction walls are as you can see in this photo.

So with all the rumors out there right now is this what is coming along with the Little Mermaid ride? Hope So!

I have to tell you folks the crowds are thinning out for the fall season. It is still a little warm in the park but we will be in the 70’s soon and right now there are no lines to be found. Take a look at my examples below.

(Peter Pan 15 minutes in the middle of the day WOW!!)


(Pictures speak louder than words. How about Splash Mountain and Thunder??)


(Not too much business for the fastpass machines today)


I have not seen crowds this light in a while and with lines this short it is a wonderful time to visit. Well that is it for this weeks trip to Magic Kingdom. Check back next week when my trip reports will start to include 1080p videos and as always have a magical week!

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