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My Mouse Tale for September 3, 2010

Universal Orlando Trip Report

I am back again this week with another trip report. This past Saturday, August 29 my wife and I went for a half day trip out to Universal Studios Florida. We had a great visit and as you can see with the photos below the crowds are starting to thin out now that the busy days of summer are coming to an end.

You read that wait time sign right folks, 20 minutes for an attraction at the entrance to the park. Not to bad! We made our way over in front of the Hollywood Rockit and you can really tell the crowds are low here as well.

(Straight up to fun. Hold on to that loose change!!)


So for our first ride of the day we headed over to Revenge of the Mummy expecting to split up with my wife and head to the single rider line. No need for that today, only a 10 minute wait and to be honest the line was probably shorter than that. I will give you a full review of this ride in the coming months but suffice to say this is on my top ten rides of the Orlando Area. I am a sucker for a dark coaster.

From there we headed over to catch a couple numbers from the Blues Brothers Show. This is really an awesome show and I plan on posting a full HD video in the coming weeks of the entire show. The only real issue is there is really no shade in the area and that makes it a real labor of love to stay for the whole thing in the hot, humid Florida sun.

I took a few photos around the New York and San Francisco area of the park before heading over to Jaws. You can see these photos below.

(We did not catch it today but the Beetlejuice Show is a must see when you visit the park)


(30 Minute wait for Disaster.... Not today)



(Not to many people at this Celebration)



Before heading on the ride I took a few photos around the Jaws attraction which you can see below. Also included are a couple of shots of the haunted house construction taking place in the Jaws queue.

(Hmm used in the movie Jaws Revenge. I don’t know if I would brag about that.)



(I wonder what horrors are being constructed behind these curtains..)



So we were grouped for loading into our boat and wouldn’t you know it I was placed on the far right side of the boat. Just so you know folks if you have never been on Jaws and you are placed on the right side I would suggest to wait until the next boat and ask the team member for a seat on the left. If not you will pretty much miss the key moment of the ride at the end. See below for a few shots from the right :( side of the boat.

(My skipper can never seem to hit that shark with his grenade launcher)



So with Jaws defeated we headed back over to eat at Lombard’s Seafood and Grille but as we were walking towards the building a employee approached us with a questionnaire. My wife was asked what kind of toilet brush we use at home. Now this may seem like an odd question in the middle of a theme park but if you like free money, read on.

Universal Studios leases an office to a survey group and they operate these surveys on a daily basis. Why this would be of interest to you is they pay $20.00 in Universal money for 10 minutes of your time. We headed to the upstairs portion of the Lombard’s Restaurant building and while my wife was taking the survey I took some shots of the beautiful paintings in these offices and also went outside on the second level for a few panoramic shots of the World Expo area of the park.

(Let’s head outside for some panoramic shots)



Once my wife was finished with her survey we headed downstairs to have lunch at Lombard’s. You can find our full review of this restaurant here. I don’t know if you can tell in the photo below but $20.00 off my lunch check put me in a pretty good mood.

So after eating a very heavy lunch we decided to take it an easy stroll around the park. Below you will find photos of the Simpsons ride building along with some shots of the many kid areas located behind E.T.

(I made a friend outside of the Simpson’s ride that followed us down the pier)



(If you want soaked children this is the place to be)



One more piece of advice about the shows at Universal. If you have never seen the Horror Make Up show this is also one not to be missed. It is really more comedic than scary and the hosts really put a lot of effort into the entertainment.

(This is the most visible construction currently involving Halloween Horror Nights)



So that is it for this week. Check back next week when we will have more Disney Construction and other photos along with a new Disney World Restaurant Review. Have a magical week!

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