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My Mouse Tale for August 30, 2010

Today to my surprise I was checking out all of the latest Disney news and what did I see but the fact that audio had finally been added to Walt Disney World’s Space Mountain. With Space Mountain being one of my favorite attractions anywhere I was extremely excited to head over to the Magic Kingdom after work.

I have always been a huge fan of Space Mountain ever since I was a child. I would even go as far as to say it is in my top 5 rides anywhere. This was until I experienced Space Mountain at Disneyland this summer. California’s version of this classic in my opinion is better than Disney World’s in almost every way. From the speed to the effects and most of all the amazing soundtrack that goes along with the ride. When Space Mountain re-opened a few months ago without the addition of audio I was extremely dissapointed. Yes it was darker and the queue was nicer but the thing I was most hoping for had not happened. Has this been remedied? Well kind of....

That is me in the front car braving the loss of my iPhone 4 to get audio and video of the new experience. I took 3 trips through Space tonight and my opinion is that our version of Space Mountain has not seen a huge improvement with this audio. It is barely audible on the ride and you can really only hear it loud and clear for a couple seconds at a time while you are passing a speaker. This is nothing like having an on board audio speaker system like Disneyland. It is really more of a effects track than music anyway. I am not saying there are not a couple cool moments like when you are circling at the end of the ride you have whooshing noises that you fly by but these are few and far between. Take a look and listen to the embedded video below to get an idea of what it is like.

After riding Space Mountain I took a ride on the PeopleMover to see if you could experience the audio as you pass through Space Mountain. The soundtrack can actually be heard louder and clearer riding the TTA. This should not be the case and really makes the point that on board audio is really the way to go. I don’t want to seem completely negative as this is still one of my favorite rides and this addition takes nothing away from that. I just don’t understand why Imagineering could not come up with a better solution for a soundtrack on this great attraction.