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My Mouse Tale for August 22, 2010

I am back this week with photos from Walt Disney World. This week photos include construction photos from Fantasyland, Main Street USA and Epcot. I also have a few merchandise photos that you may find very interesting...... So without further adieu let’s head to Main Street.

Construction on Main Street continues and even more so over in Fantasyland. First here are a few photos from ground level of the Fantasyland Expansion.

(Down at the trail head of Magic Kingdom’s Dirt Mountain, the weather was  not so good)


Here are some great shots taken from Dumbo of the entire expansion area. Work seems to really be starting now. Outside of the Little Mermaid Attraction who knows what is going out here with all the rumours lately.

The bus you see in the back of the photo is how employees are transported from the employee lot to the Magic Kingdom tunnels. This is the very back of the Magic Kingdom.

(It appears that the most work is taking place behind Toon Town Fair)


Next lets head over to Winnie the Pooh where extensive work on the new queue line continues.

Finally I made my way over to the Small World construction.

Here is the real news of the day. Disney is telling us that the attraction is down for months for a queue line upgrade and nothing more. I guess the fact that this is all that was announced so far should have been told to merchandising because take a look at the brand new snowglobe, mug and magnet I found next to Philharmagic.

If this is not confirmation that we are receiving the same upgrade that went into Disneyland then I don’t know what is. I do not recall Peter Pan and Alice in our Small World. I just visited Disneyland this summer and I found the addition of new characters in the ride to be highly entertaining.

Next I made my way to Tomorrowland and took a few shots of the newly renamed Peoplemover.

My wife and I headed over to the Polynesian Resort for lunch at Kona Cafe you can read that review here. It was OK but if you are headed to the Polynesian it should really be for ‘Ohana.

My final pictures of the day come from Epcot where the construction of the La Hacienda Restaurant in the Mexico Pavilion is moving along nicely. I could hear and smell the wood work continuing even on the weekend to get this project finished. As you can see in the photo signs are starting to appear on the building along with a few trees planted.

Well that is it for this week. Hope you all have a magical week!

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