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We arrived at Busch Gardens Tampa at about 9:45 on Sunday morning and first thing headed over to the Cheetah Construction site to get some shots for you. See below.

“This shot is right after you pass the Katonga theater, before the old horse stables”

“As you can see this walkway is now nothing but walls on both sides”

“The opposite side of the stable, as you can see there is a lot of work going on”

“The old skyway buiding”

The entire area as you head towards the Egypt section of the park is a construction zone. Busch Gardens has also created a new walk way that goes from the north west corner of the Edge of Africa exhibit straight to the west towards the Rhino Rally area of the park. I have a couple shots of this below.

“The skyway construction zone in the back”

I have to say my biggest surprise was on a Sunday in the summer this park was extremely dead. We were walking in areas of the park with maybe 15 people within shouting distance. It seems even with the deep discounting this park has been participating in that they are hurting for attendance more than the Orlando area Parks. I don’t think it helps their case that on a summer day the rapids attraction was closed for refurbishment.

“The 2nd skyway station”


Both Sea World and Busch Gardens in my opinion have exceptional fast food quality and the Zambia Smokehouse is no exception. This restaurant offers ribs, chicken, beef brisket, sandwiches and salads. My wife decided on the rib platter that is huge and she easily shared with my 8 year old niece. The price for the ribs was $12.49 not cheap but for the amount of food not bad. I myself decided upon the Beef Brisket Platter and this was $10.99. Both of these meals come with french fries. My only complaint is they up charge you for barbecue sauce 79 cent.

“The rib platter. YUMMY”

My wife loved the ribs as did my niece. The fries are a little bland but as is life you can’t have everything.

The beef brisket was excellent as well and as you can see they do not skimp on the portion.

As is the case when you take a 8 year old to the park I spent the afternoon in the Sesame Street play area. In the shot above that is us in the front row. I will have her on the big rides as soon as she is old enough. But for now....

I posted a article with tips and photos for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on Friday you can check that out here. Check back tomorrow and I will be posting a Restaurant Review and some more construction shots from Epcot. More WDW Mouse tales to come so stay tuned.


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