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My Mouse Tale for July 29, 2010

(Side trip to Harry Potter Land)

I took a little evening trip after work to Islands of Adventure on Thursday, July 29 to try out the Three Broomsticks Restaurant inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and see how the crowds are at this point.


First I would like to say that in my opinion the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the most highly themed area at any theme park I have visited. Almost every window in the Wizarding World features an animated object of some kind. You could spend all day looking at the shop windows and stores in the Wizarding World.


The popularity of this new area comes with a downside though. If you are in any way claustrophobic then this area of the park will definitely be a problem. If you can avoid the Wizarding World of Harry Potter until the summer is over or come to the park in the off season I would recommend this. During this summer every single shop or attraction in the area has a queue line. Yes I am saying if you want to buy a chocolate frog be prepared to wait in an extended queue outside the building in the hot, sticky Orlando sun to buy this. I have been in all of the shops myself but have not seen the wand show in Olivander’s. I will wait a few weeks for the summer to be over for this.

(Look to the right of Honeydukes. Yep a queue line)


(Not too much seating available in the Owlery)


(Dervish and Bangles Queue Line)


Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey however I have to say is a spectacular experience and not to be missed if you are a fan of dark rides. It combines simulators with dark rides, animatronics with video effects not utilized in this way on any other attraction. I will post my review of the ride in the coming week.



(The line you are looking at is for the ride’s lockers. See tip below)




The locker setup for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is very poorly designed and makes a huge cluster at the attractions entrance. Most of that cluster you see in the photo around the entrance is the line for lockers. On your way through Hogsmeade Village you will pass the entrance for the Dragon Challenge. There are plenty of lockers there without the line. Drop your things off and go straight to the entrance of the attraction. Since you have no bags you will not have to wait in that 30 minute queue.

(Just a small part of the Olivanders Queue)




If you will be in the park all day until closing in the summer I recommend that you go the Dervish and Banges and Honeydukes stores right before park closing. I have done this twice and you should not have to wait in a queue to see this stores.



While I was in the Wizarding World for the evening I decided to have dinner at the Three Broomsticks Restaurant. I will point out this is a quick service restaurant so the pricing was in line with most of the other quick service locations. I will have a full review of this restaurant by next week with multiple menu items tasted but for tonight I had the Shepherd’s Pie that came with a house salad along with a Pumpkin Juice beverage. The Shepherd’s Pie had a lot of thyme and not much cheese in it. What I mean about the thyme is it has an earthy flavor. It was OK but I will probably not order this item again. It came with an average side salad with your choice of dressing. The Pumpkin Juice was kind of like an apple cider but with pumpkin. It had that spice taste to it but not as sweet. It was very refreshing especially if you like pumpkin pie.


Check back on Monday and I should have another trip report. Enjoy your weekend!

(The inside and outside menu boards)


(Pumpkin Juice)


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