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My Mouse Tale for February 26, 2010

Magic Kingdom and Epcot

Welcome back! This week I visited both Magic Kingdom and Epcot and I have some photos and some more fun in this weeks trip report. So without further adieu lets journey into the Magic Kingdom.

These first photos are of the construction that is ongoing on Main Street to prepare for the new meet and greets being relocated due to the closing of Mickey’s Toontown Fair. The new meet and greet for Mickey and Minnie and I am betting many other characters will be located at the new Town Square Theater that will now feature an interactive queue and the of course fastpass.

Because of this construction the entrance to Tony’s Town Square Restaurant has been located in an odd spot.

In my childhood one of my favorite things at Magic Kingdom was the penny arcade and the flip book movies you could watch for a penny. Some of these machines have been relocated in the Main Street Train Station and the best part is they are now free. Save your pennies!

With the Flower and Garden Festival just about to start at Epcot, Magic Kingdom is getting into the flower spirit as well.

My intention was to get some of those over the wall photos of the Fantasyland construction for you guys but let me tell you the President’s Day crowds were in full force at the Magic Kingdom. Take a look at some of these queue times and especially the over the wall photographer’s friend Dumbo.

You know the park is busy when Snow White has a line.

WOW! 70 minute wait at Peter Pan’s 2 minute flight

Another cool thing I wanted to point out is the Sir Mickey’s store in Fantasyland. This is themed after the cartoon
“Fun and Fancy Free” and specifically “Mickey and the Beanstalk.”  

Sure you can find a cool statue of Mickey in this store along with huge vines

If you turn around where this Mickey is located and look at the ceiling you will find the giant trying to get into the store. This is one of the many really cool things you will see in many of the stores around Walt Disney World. Just get in the habit each time you enter a store to do this and you may even see an animatronic you never new existed.

So moving on over to Splash Mountain lets check out the newly installed lap bars.

Lets see how well they work when a kid decides to stand up.

Yep still standing. Not just one but two kids.

Well that is all for Magic Kingdom today lets head on over to Epcot where it is Engineer’s Week and Bill Nye the Science Guy is performing experiments and signing autographs over at Innoventions.

He had a little fun with one of the kids

Below is a little video of the show taken with my I-Phone so that is the reason for the lower quality

The Flower and Garden Festival starts next week and the park is looking even more beautiful every day. You can see this in the next pictures along with workers all over the park getting everything ready.

A new archway installed at the entrance to World Showcase

The butterfly house is coming along nicely. You can even see the Bambi topiaries inside.

Tinkerbell area moving along was well.

That is it for today but we will be back next week with over the wall Fantasyland photos and much more here at WDW Mouse Tales. Have a magical week!

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